This website was developed to provide professional development, technical support and resources for district and school administrators as they address the alignment of after school programs to the instructional day. Here you’ll find four professional development modules that have been designed specifically for school administrators in California, along with a variety of print, video and Web link resources. Each module includes research, best practices, and tools to assist the engagement of school administrators in evaluation, planning, and development of enhanced learning opportunities for students that build upon the school day. Take time to explore the content of the workshop modules and browse the anthology of resources that specifically target this important connection. New resources and exemplary programs are added continuously, so check back often.

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Training Modules
Module Icon Module 1: Create a Vision for Learning
Move beyond the legal requirements of State and Federally funded after school programs to create a vision of an inclusive educational community that experiences the multiple benefits of connecting these expanded opportunities to the instructional day.
Module Icon Module 2: Ensure Quality Content
Ensure the substance and quality of your After School Program is balanced, and addresses identified student needs. Provide a safe and balanced curriculum that allows students to experience academic enrichment, social maturity, and physical development.
Module Icon Module 3: Act as a Community Catalyst
Effective communication systems are critical to effective alignment between the school day and expanded learning. Examine how data is used to determine program effectiveness and monitor student achievement within the expanded educational community.
Module Icon Module 4: Collaborate to Manage Resources
Maximize the use of personnel and fiscal resources. Explore the mutual benefits of blending funding sources and investigate alternative staffing patterns. Ensure sustainability of your program through documented school plans.